Installer electrician


We are looking to add an electrician to our install team.
Generator experience preferred but not required.
Applicant must have
* a valid drivers license
* verifiable electrical experience.
Applicant must be:
* willing to work with a team
* able and willing to work outside in various weather conditions.
* willing to work beyond an 8 hour day.
Applicant will be expected help the team:
* prep/clean trailer/vehicles at the beginning and end of each day.
* move heavy equipment manually and with machinery
* dig, trench and pull cable.
* perform other duties of the installation process, to include generator activation, placing generator at the site, connection of gas piping, and other task associated with the generators installation and start up procedures.
Experience in transfer switch installations or service panel upgrades is highly preferred.
Request application or email resume to

Please follow the phone format of (555)555-5555